9th Annual Symposium of CQMF

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Registration details

Please note that this year all members will have to pay a registration fee of $100 due to the recent budget cuts imposed on CQMF by our provincial government. This registration will include all the conferences and activities related to the Symposium, as well as all meals including the cocktail reception on Thursday evening and the coffee breaks.

Registration required at



A) Call for abstracts
Submit your abstract in order to present your work through an oral or a poster presentation.

The deadline abstract submission is wednesday, November 2nd at 4 pm. The abstract may be written in English or in French and must be limited to one page (see template below).

Title [bold - arial 11]

Philippe Dufour, Robert Gauvin, Armand Soldera…

Email of the presenter

 [Abstract - arial 11] Supported lipid bilayers (SLBs) are commonly used as versatile biological membranes mimetics.1,2, These two-dimensional soft systems are choice models to study the structure and function of the cellular membrane and its components. The distance between the lower leaflet of the bilayer and the solid support is not sufficient to prevent lipid-solid surface interactions and ensuing frictions. This leads to a decrease in lipid mobility and, often, denaturation of incorporated transmembrane proteins. One popular approach to address…


1)      Brian, A.; McConnell, H. M. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 1984, 81, 6159–6163.

2)     Tamm, L. K.; McConnell, H. M., Biophys. J. 1985, 47, 105–113.


B) Communication activities

Oral presentations will take place during the parallel sessions in the afternoon of the 24th and 24th and will be grouped in thematic sessions according to research themes of CQMF (energy, biomedical and environmental). This activity will allow for approximately 20 students to present their work in 20 minutes, including a 5 minutes question period.

The poster session will begin Thursday, November 24th at 6 pm. A cocktail dinner/buffet will be served during this activity. The maximum dimensions for a poster are 42 inches (107 cm) high by 60 inches (153 cm) wide.

C) Hotel reservation
Please note that traveling and accommodation fees and arrangements are your responsibility. The Hotel Alt Montreal grants a discount price to participant of the Symposium. We suggest you stay at Hôtel Alt Montréal, where we got a discount price of 139$ per night plus taxes, for single or double occupation. A supplement of 20$ will be charged for any additional person. Please contact the hotel directly on phone below to make your reservation and mention the promo code 87086 to get the preferential rate.

120 Rue Peel,
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3C 0L8


T. : 514-375-0220
T. (sans frais) : 1 855 823-8120

For further information, please contact Mr. Philippe Dufour at info@cqmfscience.com

Meanwhile, we wish you an excellent fall semester.

Looking forward seeing you at the Symposium!

The organizing committee